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1975 ~ Now

History of YOUYANG큰따옴표

회사연혁 이미지
회사연혁 이미지
01 Listed ALCMS(Airport Lighting Control & Monitoring System) in FAA Advisory Circular with highest level D covering A-SMGCS
03 Signed contract with EAF(Egyptian Air Force) for enhancement of AFL And system at 6 military airports, Egypt in total of US$13,000,000
03 Signed contract for enhancement of AFL & systems for Al-Sufaia airport, Sudan in EUR 8,600,000
03 Acquired MAK Certification in Russia for AFL products in the 1st phase
Awarded official commendation by Minister of Land & Transportation of Korea for contribution to development of national transportation
12 Supplied and commissioned LED SFL(Sequence Flash Light) system in Kangreung Airport, Korea
03 Listed CCR(Constant Current Regulator) and Isolating Transformers in FAA Advisory Circular
12 Supplied and commissioned ILCMS(Individual Light Control & Monitroing System) in Sacheon Airport, Korea
02 Signed contracts for supply of AFL products for 9 airports in Equador
Awarded as export firm achieving annual export performance of US$10,000,000 By Korean Government
07 Certified as excellent small-medium corporate by Anyang City, Korea